2nd suspect arrested as Swedish police reveal 1st sought asylum

Bystanders flee the scene of the attack

On Sunday politicians addressed the crowds, numbering over 20,000 according to city officials, while Swedish artists performed as people held up their arms and made peace signs with their fingers.

A police report revealed that the suspect had requested for a resident permit in 2014 but was only officially rejected by the Asylum Board in 2016, declaring that the man should be deported.

When authorities arrested an unidentified 39-year-old man from the central Asian nation of Uzbekistan on Friday, he was known to Swedish intelligence services.

Jonas Hysing, of Sweden's national police, added that authorities knew he was "sympathetic to extremist organisations, among them IS [the Islamic State group]".

Evensson said authorities had questioned over 500 people in the investigation so far.

The court official said the four people killed had been identified and their families notified.

Spokesman Patrik Soderberg says in a statement that four of the 10 are considered to be "seriously" injured and the remaining six, including the child, are slightly injured. "On the contrary, the suspicions have strengthened", Swedish police chief Dan Eliasson said.

A hijacked truck was driven into a crowd of pedestrians and crashed into the department store Ahlens, background center, on Friday in the Swedish capital.

"There are no words for how missed he will be or for how sad we all are to have lost him like this".

The Belgian news agency Belga said the Belgian woman had been reported missing and was first identified by her identity papers and later by DNA testing.

Papusa Ciuraru, whose foot was crushed by a boulder displaced by the speeding truck, told the Expressen daily "I thought everyone would run past me and save themselves". "That is what we're going to build on", she said, praising a city "characterised by openness and tolerance".

Last month, a man plowed his auto into a crowd in London, killing five people, only months after 12 were killed in Berlin when a truck rammed into a Christmas market in Berlin.

Ciuraru, who expects to be released Monday from the hospital, said she "tried to get up and run but got a huge rock over my leg".

"Horror can not prevail, horror may never win, we will win instead.(with) openness and kindness!" the Social Democrat said.

There was no evidence to suggest any further attacks.

As of Sunday, 10 of the 15 people wounded in the truck attack in the Swedish capital remained hospitalized, including one child. The suspect was arrested several hours later.

The suspect for the truck attack in Stockholm that killed four people on Friday is a rejected asylum-seeker from Uzbekistan who had been running from authorities for more than a month, police said Sunday.

Mourners outside the department store.


The Ahlens store described it as "a bad decision" on its Facebook page, saying its motivation "was born out of the idea of standing up for transparency and not allowing evil forces take control of our lives".

A fire broke out Friday afternoon at the store after the truck smashed into shoppers at its entrance on Drottninggatan street. It was quickly put out.

A carpet of flowers, candles and stuffed toys on Sunday covered the steps of a Stockholm shopping plaza where up to 50,000 people gathered for a vigil honouring the victims of last week's truck attack.


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